10 Ways to Create
 Fireworks and Spice Up a Romantic Relationship

by on May 24, 2013

10 Sexy Ways to Create
 Fireworks in the Bedroom

To celebrate Independence Day, your commitment and romance: follow these 10 quick and sexy steps. Whether you just met, or have been married for 25 years, these last minute romantic ideas can turn two firecrackers into fireworks and spice up your romantic relationship in a matter of minutes.



Get out of your routine to drive spontaneity into your love life. Take a quick scenic trip to the beach, the mountains or the white silver birch trees with a carpet of deep rose colored tulips underneath to boost your confidence and your bond. Avoid boring your date with esoteric activates such as going antiquing all day. Give your date subtly quick but sexual pecks throughout the day and hold each other's hand as you walk.

Women and men love love love to be touched and hugged in public. It shows affection like nothing else: steal a kiss, hold hands, and gaze at each other with a look of “Honey, I can’t wait to get you home”.

10 Sexy Ways to Create
 Fireworks Source: Via Lovendar on Pinterest