7 Sexiest Christmas Drinks and How to Create Them at Home

by on Dec 18, 2012

7 Sexiest Christmas Cocktails

Toast the holiday spirit with these fabulous and easy Christmas cocktail recipes. We’ve discovered top 7 sexy cocktails recipes that are perfect for this Holiday season.




You might fall in love at first bubbly sip, or succumb slowly to each of the Mistletoe's fruit and floral layers. Either way, this tart effervescent drink -- bubbles courtesy of bar manager Johnny Michaels' signature cava splash -- will get you.


  1. 1 ½ oz. citrus vodka
  2. ¾ oz. pomegranate juice
  3. ¾ oz. defrosted lemonade concentrate (strained of pulp)
  4. 2-3 drops orange blossom water
  5. Ice
  6. Cava (or any dry sparkling wine)
  7. Shaker and strainer
  8. Martini glass
  9. Garnish: Equal parts red, white and green decorative sugar
  10. Pomegranate seeds
  11. Orange twist

Directions: Rim half the martini glass with sugar. Combine all ingredients except cava. Shake and strain into glass. Top with cava. Sprinkle pomegranate seeds into drink and garnish rim with orange twist.

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This pomegranate lemonade can be great for the kids and adults (if you know what we mean). To serve six, put together 4 cups of pomegranate juice, 2 cups of lemonade and fill the rest with vodka (for the grown-ups) in a 10 oz. glass of ice.

Add a few pomegranate seeds to each glass along with a dash of club soda. Garnish with lemon wedges and mint sprigs.



Champagne is a must-have on New Year's Eve: try dressing it up with elderflower liqueur, mint, and cucumber, for a sweet and refreshing cocktail. Champagne stirred with St-Germain, a delicate French liqueur of elderflower blossoms. It tastes of pear and lychee and lemon, the sweetness cut by the bubbles and cool cucumber.

Directions: Fill a tumbler with ice. Fill three-quarters of the glass with dry champagne or prosecco. Add thinly sliced cucumber and fresh mint. Top off with St-Germain.

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Who says margaritas are just for summer? Celebrate the holidays with this festive frozen drink featuring both cranberry juice cocktail and fresh cranberries.

INGREDIENTS: Yield: 4 servings

  1. Wedge of lime
  2. Sugar
  3. Ice cubes for shaking and serving
  4. 1/2 cup cranberry juice or cranberry juice cocktail
  5. 1/2 cup silver or other 100% agave tequila
  6. 1/4 cup orange liqueur (Grand Marnier, Triple Sec or Citronage)
  7. 1/4 cup fresh lime juice
  8. Garnishes: thinly sliced limes or fresh cranberries

Directions: Run a lime wedge around the rim of the glass, and dip the edge in sugar to coat. Fill glasses with ice. Set aside.

In a cocktail shaker filled with ice, combine all the ingredients, and shake like hell. Strain into ice-filled glasses and serve.

To make the margaritas, fill a cocktail shaker with ice; combine the cranberry juice, tequila, Triple Sec and lime juice; and, in the words of recipe writer Rebecca Rather, shake like hell. Then strain the margarita mixture into some glasses full of ice, and start sipping.

If you’re feeling particularly festive, you can garnish the drink with thinly sliced limes, fresh cranberries or a small ornament threaded with a skewer. To make the sugar rim, just run a wedge of lime around the edge of your glass, and dip it into a saucer of sugar.

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  1. 2 oz. Vodka
  2. 2 oz. Peppermint Schnapps
  3. 2 oz. Whipped Cream Vodka
  4. Ice
  5. One Peppermint stick or Candy Cane

Directions: Crush half of your peppermint stick. Dip the Top Rim of your Martini glass into peppermint schnapps, then roll in crushed candy cane to decorate.

Add all ingredients except Candy Cane to a shaker. Shake well and strain into decorated Martini glass. Add remaining candy cane as a stirrer.

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This has to be one of the tastiest ways to usher in winter's return! This holiday season, try a shot of decadence with these gorgeous, tasty little treats. Make hot chocolate shots.


  1. 2 tablespoons butter
  2. 1/4 cup brown sugar
  3. 1 cup chocolate ice cream
  4. 1 square unsweetened baking chocolate
  5. 2 1/2 cups water
  6. 1/2 teaspoon orange extract

Directions: In a saucepan, melt together the butter, sugar, ice cream, and baking chocolate until smooth. Whisk in the water and orange flavoring. Heat over medium-high heat, just until steaming. Serve with whipped cream and a sprinkling of orange zest and grated chocolate in chocolate-dipped shot glasses.

To chocolate-coat the edges of your shot glasses, zap 1/4 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips in a small, microwave-safe bowl just until melted. (The chocolate should be smooth and melty, but not hot. Overheating it will cause the chocolate to mottle as it cools and hardens, so be careful that you only just microwave it until it’s barely melted.) Dip the edges of each shot glass into the melted chocolate. Allow the chocolate to cool and harden before pouring hot cocoa into the glasses.

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  1. 2 cups fresh or frozen peach slices
  2. 1/4 cup sugar
  3. 3/4 cup vodka
  4. 3 tablespoons peach schnapps
  5. Ice cubes
  6. Garnish: fresh mint sprigs

Directions: Process first 4 ingredients in a blender until smooth. Add ice cubes to mixture in blender to 5-cup level; process until smooth. Pour into glasses; garnish, if desired. Serve immediately.

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