How to Massage Each Other: Couple's Guide

by on Feb 03, 2013

How to Massage Each Other

Massage is the intimacy component designed to open an intimate dialog through touch. Pick a special light weight oil and get the indulgence of the essential oils smell, giving your partner a relaxing and loving experience.


Watch a short video on how to give your partner a facial massage or follow the instructions below:




Using a few drops of your oil, warm it up between your fingertips by rubbing your hands together. Apply oil onto the skin in a nice stroking movement starting from the chin in an upward motion against the gravity. Always lift the skin. Starting at the neck, do the sweeping movement lifting face up, but not pulling. Then moving to the cheeks, along the sides of the nose and to the forehead, which can be very relaxing. Run fingers over the chin, along top of upper lip and along the top of cheekbones to spread oil evenly.

If it’s a light-weight oil, apply it under the eyes to nourish and condition the entire area including the neck and shoulders.



First work on the eye area. Give a few little pinched on the area between the eyes and above the brows and using your ring finger apply slight pressure points under the eyes from the nose to the outside. Ask your partner to take a deep breath of your lovely essential oils and ask to breathe out each time that you press to release tension and toxin built-up.



Move to the jaw line with the suction movement using your thumb and the side part of the index finger. It’s a great way to give a dynamic massage and will get the skin to glow. Working from the inside of your face to the outside and repeat same movement on the neck line along the neck muscles.



Finish up with lots of little pinches: light weigh pinch across the eye brows to get the blood into the area to bring in more nutrients and color to the skin and finish up with deep stroking movements to settle everything in the skin.

lovebits TIP: Always apply light pressure and gentle movements when performing face massage. Always make sure your partner is not allergic.