How to Seduce a Woman: Top 7 Techniques from a Sexy Dating Expert

by on May 21, 2013

Want to Seduce a Woman You Love?

How to Seduce a Woman

Kezia Noble is a glamour girl turn successful dating expert with an ambitious goal to teach men how to seduce a woman and get her into bed. Men who’s budget can’t afford £4,000 a week for Kezia’s sessions, can purchase her best-selling book, The Noble Art Of Seducing Women, which is filled with brilliant pick-up strategies and insights on how to seduce a woman.

Keiza explains that there are always reasons why you fall for someone, “If you really think about it, if you really break it down, you’ll find actual reasons why a woman is or isn’t attracted to a man. Chemistry and attraction never happen by accident. ” A married man, who is looking to seduce a woman he loves, can utilize these top 7 techniques to get their woman into bed and keep her happy.



Most men think that pleasing a woman means agreeing with everything she says. Kezia disagrees and advises men to know their emotional, physical and spiritual needs in a dating relationship and be unafraid to speak up about those needs: “Men shouldn’t bend their own realities to be in accordance to a woman’s. It’s not attractive. Be totally unapologetic about what you want in bed.”

The same goes in a marriage. A Florida State University study revealed that short-term anger can benefit marriage, because it signals to a partner that certain behaviors are unacceptable. It’s important that married men know what they want, like, need, and desire, and more importantly, it’s crucial that they speak up (or use Lovendar app for that). This allows a woman to know how to love her husband, garnishes respect, and prevents resentment.

Kezia suggests that in order to seduce a woman you love, men should take tips from the bad boys: “A bad boy is never too predictable, and will put his work before the girl in the early stages,” says Kezia. “This shows he values himself and his own life and that he has a lot to give.”

As Kezia puts it, a woman wants to love and be loved by someone who has enough confidence and self-awareness and brings something new and challenging to the table: “She doesn’t want to spend her life with a clone of herself.”

How to Seduce a Woman