How to Romance a Woman The Way She Wants You To

by on Nov 15, 2013

How to Romance Her in 12 Steps


In this guide on how to romance her, we will focus on the essential steps any man should take to master the art of romance. Every woman is different, but they all respond to love and affection. This guide will teach you what it takes to tap into her mind to be remembered as the most romantic and loving man that ever walked the earth.



Great romantics begin with a discovery process. A recent survey conducted for a largely popular book called How to Romance the Woman You Love the Way She Wants You To by Lucy Sanna, asked 3,000 women how their attitude would change if the partner knew how to romance her. The majorly of them responded the following:

  1. I would be excited to be with him
  2. I would keep myself looking attractive
  3. I would find out what he wants to try to help fulfill his needs
  4. Stay with him (instead of looking for a new partner)
  5. Attend to his sexual needs
  6. Support his life goals

Let’s look in more detail into what she wants…

Source: via Lovendar on Pinterest how to romance her