Relationship Advice: Top 8 Questions Anyone Should Ask Before Committing

by on Nov 15, 2013

Are you a good match?

Relationship Advice by Michelle Casto

Finding a life partner is not easy but it’s truly worth all the effort. Having a safe and committed relationship has been proven to improve health and increase happiness. But despite all the benefits of long-term exclusivity and love, a lot of people are not eager to commit. Michelle Casto's is a successful love coach and her philosophy is that you have the capacity to make smarter relationship decisions. It's a way of dating and thinking about love can help you transform your romantic relationship. For those looking to seal the deal, in her book Destined For Love, Michelle has relationship advice that can help.



Commitment means different things to different people. Know what commitment means for both of you. Some would consider themselves in a committed relationship when there is sexual exclusivity. Others don’t feel secure in their relationship without a marriage certificate.

Casto gives a great relationship advice about the importance of knowing your own and your partner’s definition of commitment. This involves having “the talk.” Most people are terrified of talking about commitment and expectations within the relationship, but Casto suggests that this conversation can actually be a great way to bond. If you are terrified to ask for what you want, but want to take your romantic relationship to the next level, there is an app for that.