The Best Romantic Ideas On a Dime

by on Apr 29, 2013

 Need The Best Romantic Ideas That Dazzle?

Relationship can grow and flourish without children, careers or proper diet, but what most relationships cannot do without is romance. One of the biggest and urgent question couples face is how to romance and what type of romantic ideas really work. Friends and family can give you advice, but we went a little further and asked hundreds of couples what worked for them and why. Use this how to romance guide whenever you need the proven and effective romantic ideas to dazzle your partner.  


We have provided a lot of advice on how to romance and here we will reveal all the secrets, romantic ideas, recommendations and suggestions to make your partner long for you and stay in love with you and no one else. There is always enough room for imagination. "Imagination is far more important than knowledge" according to Enstain.  

Remember that men's and women's idea of romance differs.  "When men are asked to define romance, they typically use these words: mystery, intrigue, sensuality, lingerie, passion and never-ending sex," says James C. Dobson, author of Love for a Lifetime: Building a Marriage That Will Go the Distance. And in this guide of the best romantic ideas on a dime we will show you how to go for what really works for both.

Women tend to fall for romantic guys before they fall for "macho" guys because since they are little girls their imagination is filled with dreams of romance.  Men are excellent at sweeping ladies off their feet with sweet gestures, continued rituals of courtship, romantic nights, spontaneity, which is innately in them.

Planning a romantic evening can be as easy as putting a hat on. The trick is knowing what kind of hat and make time to follow through. Make an appointment for yourself just the same way you set the time aside for your dentist and business meetings, literally.



Keep notes of your partner's favorites handy: shampoos, foods, drinks, colors, places, cities, wine, cocktail, fashion brands, designers, sports team, hobby - the list can go on. Make a list of special occasions, when you first met, what your partner was wearing, when you first kissed, when and where you first made love. If you do not know your partner very well, or tired of guessing your partner wants, we highly recommend downloading Lovendar app.

Some of the greatest romantic ideas involve presenting your partner with one of these favorites unexpectedly, for example: Delivering a favorite fresh cut flower to your table after dinner.

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Preparing a bubble bath and having your partner’s favorite drink being chilled next to the steaming tub, to refresh and enjoy.  Refilling your partner’s favorite shampoo or perfume when you clearly see it's running low without being asked for it.


TOP ROMANTIC IDEAS: Romance Around Dreams

Create romance around dreams. For example: Say a powerful toast to your lover about togetherness. Look your partner in the eyes when giving a toast. The easiest way to make a toast is to say four things you admire about him/her and drink to it.  

Another intimate move is to lay in bed after sex and talk about your dream and goals 5-1 years in the future, touching each other with nothing but thoughtful hearts. Promise to give him/her laugh lines when you are old and reaffirm that you put your partner's dreams on the same level as your own.

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Romantic ideas for men mostly focus on saying what women need to hear. We can't emphasize this enough, but the successful and effective romantic ideas are the ones when men know what to say. For example: Use positive superlatives when describing your relationship. And when talking about your future, use "when" not "if". Use "we" and "us", show that there is a place for your partner in your life and who how perfectly your relationship fits into your future.

"Happiness is having a dream you cannot let go and a partner who would never ask you to". Dream big together.


 TOP ROMANTIC IDEAS: Touch for longer

Partners who touch for longer than a minute have a stronger, long-term bond. Romantic ideas that evolve touching always win. Not only do you reconnect through touching, you produce lasting impression on a deep chemical level by triggering "happy hormones" in your partner's brain, making the bond stronger.  Hug your partner when saying goodbye or good morning. Hold hands, place your hands around your partner’s waist. Both men and women find touch unbelievably reassuring. And it doesn't have to be sexual.

Romantic-Ideas Offering a back massage or a foot massage after a long day at work is considered highly romantic. Keep in mind that you and your partner can be unaware of new pleasure points on your body. Reignite your curiosity.

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Create a bank of romantic ideas. Each of you should write up a few things you consider romantic and continue this tradition ever week.



Everybody wants to feel loved and know they are beautiful. The reason behind the art of how to romance is making your partner feel desirable. The most practical romantic ideas call for compliments. Pay attention to details, like hair color, manicure, pedicure, new shirt, dress, etc. Women might not tell you and it is twice as effective if you notice it yourself. Same applies to the romantic ideas and gestures, if she doesn't have to ask/tell, it doubles the pleasure!

Tell your partner that her/his hair look beautiful, it feels like velvet and her/his skin is addictive to the touch. Run your fingers through his/her hair and give a little scalp massage.



When was the last time you put on your sexy lingerie or the sexiest shirt/underwear? “Consider dressing for his taste and not just yours once in a while”, says Barbara De Angelis, Ph.D., author of Secrets about Men Every Women Should Know.  To make it even sexier, go shopping together and have him pick the outfit he wants you to wear. This great romantic idea is timeless and applies to both partners.

Men are more visual because of evolution and they are programmed to pick his mate quickly by skinning her physical attributes and continue the hunt for food, so it is important to attract them within first 8 second every time, every day.

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Dress so that he wants to undress you with his eyes. Expose one asset at a time. For example exposing your calf muscles on toned pair of legs in heels or your erect nipples picking through thin fabric will have him drool all day. And most importantly, you love him starring at you, so pick your wardrobe with this romantic idea in mind.



Take pictures of the two of you together and frame them. As time goes by, replace them with fresh ones. With your photos, create a scrapbook of the special moments in the past month or a week. Create an album of the highlights since you met and gift-wrap it. Presentation of your memories is just as important as the memories themselves.



Days just fly by. You get busy at work. Yet throughout the day, find interesting things and moments that relate to your partner’s interest. It can be an article you read, or an interesting event you heard about. Send it to your partner to show that you are thinking about her/him.

Spend time learning something new together that has specific interest to your partner. Stretch. Spending time together is spending life together.  



You might think that all effective romantic ideas have to do with being together. And it is true. But sometimes, giving each other personal space or arranging for a night out without you being there - is very romantic, especially if you go an extra mile and take care of all the details, arrangements, and payments.

Making it easy for your partner to have a “me” time with his pals without feeling of guilt - is extremely romantic and loving. It shows that you get it with your unshakable trust.



Romantic-IdeasLooking good doesn't mean putting it all on: the make up, the dress, the hair. Its about keeping up your appearance, shaving, wearing cologne/ perfume. Wearing PJs can be overly romantic and sexy when everything else looks and feels groomed.

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Talk about your day and really mean it. Do you know how special it is to come home and have your partner just understand the challenges of the day, schedules, demands, and be there to listen and support? Guys who work so hard to win the bread and be aggressive at work want to show off and be acknowledged for it. Its in their genes to catch a prey and tell everyone how great they did. Ask about each other’s days. Being romantic means understanding that there are highs and the lows - both of which are equally important.



Quite a lot of romantic ideas involve a surprise. This time, be romantic by showing up at your partner’s office and bringing a healthy lunch. If your partner's building requires advance check-in, just call your partner up and invite him/her out for a quick lunch nearby. If your schedules do not permit it, set the date and bring a bouquet of flowers as your surprise element. Quick tip: Download Lovendar app to take guesswork out of love, it's FREE.

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