Top 10: Fathers Day Gifts - Greatest Last Minute Ideas

by on Jun 24, 2012

Need a special father's day gift?

What can you gift to someone who has everything? Gathering a family for father’s day dinner to celebrate your father is a great father’s day gift in itself, but it is not that original. So there needs to be a better way to appreciate the man who makes the money, takes the pressures of the world upon his shoulders, tirelessly puts the food on the table time and time again and happily compromises his time and interests for a magical role of being a father.

Father’s day gifts do not have to be the things you buy – it’s also the things you can do. What to give your dad can be frustrating, especially if your father is difficult to please, so read up on these top 10 best father’s day gift ideas that you can do last minute, and be right on the money.



It’s important to remember that Father’s Day is designated to remind him that he is loved and always appreciated. Read or print this letter for a great, cheap, and most importantly, original father’s day gift idea.

Make your father feel special with your appreciation, respect, love to show that you value the man who was provided you with security, guidance and unconditional support. So father’s day letter is your biggest chance to show that you care.

Dear Dad,

As my only father, you are like no other. You are my hero, my first love and first humility. You have protected me and defended me. You taught me pragmatism and grit, your two greatest assets. You were the man I looked up to. You taught me to fight and kept me connected.

You can change my life with a single sentence; a smile and you continue to. You believed in me, in my ambitions, my dreams. You thrilled me and excited me with your confidence that gave me hope in times of need. You talked to me routinely, and asked me specific question to help me find my own answers.

You don’t misunderstand. You made my life remarkably richer, more rewarding, and profoundly simple. Thank you for being patient, courageous, diligent and faithful.

You gave me the confidence to pursue what I want despite the fact that I wasn’t following your steps.

Thank you for giving me a belief in myself. Thank you for communicating to me, I do not remember exactly how, that I could do whatever I wanted to do. Thank you for loving me. You are eccentric, smart, social, and always the light of the party.

Thank you for taking the entire family on vocations. Thank you for protecting me from midnight monsters. Thanks for my first race car game and for playing catch. I appreciate you teaching me how to trust people and how to be a good talker.

Even though at times, you didn’t listen to my problems better than mum did, I always knew whom to ask for help if my life or health were ever threatened.

Thanks for being tough, and serious, for intensely loving our family, and for making sure that our family was well taken cared for. And we were, in fact, well cared for.

Its time for me to care for you on this father's day and on, and to say how much I appreciate every moment we spent together. And I hope this letter reassures that fathers like you do change lives.

As a natural leader, our family looks to you for qualities that only fathers have. You are far more powerful than you think. Even if I look like I brush you off: I watch you intensely; I hope for your attention, I notice a gesture of your approval, a nod of encouragement or a simple eye contact to know that I am loved.

And forgive me if I have done or said something to hurt you in the heat of the moment, it is never too late to strengthen the relationship. I want your guidance and support. I want to build a stronger bold and shape our lives – for the better.

I love you! Happy Fathers Day!

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