Top 6: Things a Happy Marriage Can’t Live Without

by on Apr 01, 2014

Top 6: Things a Happy Marriage Can’t Live Without

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These days, most couples enter into marriage with the knowledge that relationships require hard work. However, according to a spokesperson for the U.S. National Center for Health Statistics, half of marriages in this country end in divorce. Why? Are couples not aware of the degree and type of work needed to stay together? Or have we become a society of people quick to give up on honoring commitments?

Pastor Chuck Dettman, Master Instructor for the premarital training course, Smart Start, and coauthor of the book, The Solution for Marriages, available on kindle is no stranger to hard work in a healthy relationship. Dettman has been married 44 years and believes the recipe for a successful and healthy relationship is “a set of four letter words”: love and work. He shares the top 6 things a happy marriage can't live without as his own marriage continues to evolve.



Dettman believes in unconditional love and reiterates the importance of acceptance in a happy marriage. He claims that his marriage has weathered the roughest of storms because of tolerance; “The strength of our relationship is that we do allow another to be imperfect.”

A happy marriage grows stronger as each partner begins to know one another’s needs and respects one another’s differences. To get to this place, you have to be willing to share your needs with the understanding that your partner is not perfect. Your partner and you will make mistakes. You have to come to terms with the fact that your partner is not skilled at providing what you require in a relationship. As Dettman makes clear, you both have to be able to “work together through these areas of growth.”

Chuck Dettman is fortunate because he remembers what his wife wants. For the rest of us, less fortunate, try using Lovendar app as a gilt-free place for sharing your needs and desires.

Top 6: Things a Happy Marriage Can’t Live Without