Top 7: Valentine's Date Ideas You Can't Go Wrong With

by on Oct 27, 2013

Top 7: Valentine's Date Ideas

Valentine's Date Ideas Planning a date can be quite nerve-racking, and no date demands more thought, preparation and wowing than one planned for Valentine's Day. The abundance of Valentine’s date ideas can easily be overwhelming. Here are the top 7 millionaire inspired, romantic date ideas.

Following these wonderfully romantic and thoughtful Valentine’s date ideas, will meet any expectations: over-the-top luxurious and for lovers on a budget. It doesn’t matter what your income or interests, one of these Valentine's date ideas will surely be perfect for a special Valentine’s Day romance.



There is no meal more sensual than chocolate fondue. It’s warm, soft, bittersweet and made to share. You and your date can cozy up in the living room, feed each other dipped, juicy strawberries or spongy, sweet angel food cake and witness melted chocolate run down the sides of lover’s lips. To complete the French theme, stream live Amelie or Chocolat right from your Netflix. You’ll watch a love affair unfold onscreen as you and your Valentine’s Day date create your own ooh-la-la fairytale.

For extra credit: Sprinkle DeLafee’s chocolate with 24-karat edible gold flakes in your fondue!

Valentine's Date Ideas