Top 7: Ways to Rewire Your Brain for a Happy Relationship

by on Aug 20, 2013

Top 7: Ways to Rewire Your Brain for a Happy Relationship in Just 2 Weeks

Dr. Marsha Lucas

We once thought that certain brain pathways that dictate our relationship patterns were unalterable; now scientific research has proven a phenomenon called neuroplasticity - that neuron architecture in our brains is actually quite malleable and that we can “produce new neuron, throughout our entire lives” says Dr. Lucas, a licensed psychologist and neuropsychologist.

Dr. Marsha Lucas is a relationship guru and an author of a wildly popular book Rewire Your Brain For Love: Creating Vibrant Relationships Using the Science of Mindfulness and her thesis is simple: By changing your brain, you can change your relationship. Dr. Lucas is sharing 7 ways to rewire your brain for a happy relationship.



A lot of brain’s pathways are wired before the age of 18 months. That includes our style of attachment—how we attach to a loved one. The way we bonded with our caregiver, and them with us, have a profound effect on who we become in a relationship and who we seek to be with in a relationship; “Our attachment style and our brain wiring behind it pretty much stays with us our entire lives, unless we do something to change it” Dr. Lucas explains. First, understand your current wiring diagram — and how the relationships you had early on formed your relationship brain.

Relationships in which the parties are tuned in to each other’s emotions are called attuned relationships, and attuned relationships teach us that:

  1. Nonverbal cues deeply impact our love relationships;
  2. Play helps us smooth over the rough spots in love relationships;
  3. Conflicts can build trust if we approach them without fear or a need to punish.