A GPS to Her Orgasm

by on Nov 14, 2013

If woman's body came with a GPS for men, maybe there wouldn’t be so much confusion and fake orgasms: "Slight right, curve ahead…You have reached her pleasure destination."

Sex education didn’t educate anyone on what pleases a woman and what frustrates her sexually. The real problem that challenges men is the simple fact that not every woman experiences pleasure in the same places or the same way, so the key is to let him feel like he came up with it on his own.



Communication is key to any successful relationship, not only outside of the bedroom, but also inside the bedroom. Most women feel shy or silly “talking dirty” or giving directions like a GPS. So even though women are often asked what they want, they have a very difficult time exploring that side of themselves. Start by initiation the conversation about each other’s sexual dreams and desires.

How to give a woman an orgasm Image Source: lovendar on pinterest