The Proper Way To Kiss a Hand

by on Apr 10, 2013

Lasting impression

No matter how society evolves or how liberal the contemporary dating scene, many old-fashioned methods of courting are still enticing to women of today. In fact, simple, traditional gestures of affection are equally effective at arousing romantic desires in women as most of the more elaborate contemporary mating habits. One way to charm the ladies is the notably chivalrous kiss on the hand. A man who knows how to properly kiss a woman’s hand can virtually send shivers up her spine.

Relationship Advice: The Proper Way To Kiss a Woman's Hand

The use of a hand kiss is not as common in today's world. However, using a hand kiss today can be just as romantic as it was in the past. A hand kiss is easy to learn and you will be able to wow your special girl with the perfect hand kiss. Here are the tips on how to kiss a lady's hand:



With your palm facing up, gracefully extend you arm forward in her direction. Smile and make direct eye contact as you gently reach out to her. Women swoon over men with confidence and this subtle advance serves as a silently chivalrous invitation for your lady-friend to offer you her hand. Don’t fret if she doesn’t immediately take your hand. Some gals are still convinced that chivalry is dead. Just go for it, and take it yourself.



You don’t want to yank at her arm and lunge face forward as if you’re about to devour a Thanksgiving drumstick. Slowly raise her hand while bending slightly forward at the waist to meet with it. The subtle bowing gesture conveys to a lady, that you worship and respect her beauty and femininity, while still maintaining your dignity. Don’t say a word; especially a cliché. Bask in the moment watching her blush as you become her knight in shining armor.



Now it’s time for your moment of truth. Don’t blow it like many guys do by becoming embarrassed and doing something completely inappropriate like slobbering all the way up to her elbow, or quoting Charlie Sheen. You’ve got her where you want her now. Stay cool and softly plant one on the back of her hand. Not too wet, or too long. A quick, soft peck is all it to takes to give her goosebumps.



Don’t make an event out of it. Remember, the motive behind kissing a woman’s hand is to show respect, admiration, interest and invite the idea of romance; not start a make-out session. The goal is to leave her longing for more and anticipating your affections throughout the rest of your date. Play it smooth by kissing her hand, slowly releasing it and continuing on your escapade as if it’s no big deal. The curl in her toes will prove otherwise.