Top 7: Reasons You Are Not Getting Enough Sex

by on Oct 27, 2013

So why sex dwindles?

Married couples fail to prepare themselves for the fact that their sex life will no longer sizzle, but instead soon fizzle. Although many couples struggle with these reasons they aren’t getting enough sex, there is hope in rediscovering a sizzling sex life again.

Top 8: Reasons You Aren't Having Sex

The study conducted in Chicago shows that while the frequency of intercourse decreases by over 700% between the ages of 20 and 70, "among the married the decline is even more striking […] Even among couples who rate their marriages as very happy and say they are still in love, frequency of intercourse declines." In another survey, 6 out of 10 couples stated that marriage had "completely ruined the excitement of having sex."

A different study about dating couples shows that 60% reported being sexually satisfied, compared to only 52% of married couples. So why does it happen and how do we stop this from happening?



Various daily routines bog couples down. They still desire one another, fail to reach the arousal. On top of which, couples become emotionally co-dependent and lose their own voice. One effective remedy is to maintain one's own independent identity, interests, hobbies and make your differences become your new attractions. When you are feeling that routine is starting to settle in, disturb it with acting out on those hot and crazy fantasies you always had. Go a bit outside of your comfort zone, and challenge yourself.



Menopausal women suffer from a decreased libido and over 60% of them divorce their husbands. Numerous factors add up to lack of arousal such as smoking, unhealthy lifestyles, lack of exercise and lack of desire to keep up the look. Women may also feel unattractive, overweight, and/or irritable. Best remedy is to get a trainer, eat fruit and vegies, drink 1 gallon of water a day and seek medical advice.



42% of men over the age of 40 often experience erectile dysfunction. Despite the fact that most men might not see the purpose of life without sex, drugs and rock&roll, to regain their sexual health without the use of Viagra, they ought to do less of drinking, smoking and stressing out in order to get the sex drive back. As men get oder, they might "require more direct physical stimulation to get na erection that they did when younger" Queen sais.



Don’t believe the lie that “it doesn’t hurt to look,” because it creates images that sometimes are too tempting to resist. Stop linger looking and be honest about things in your relationship and sex life. Nothing out there is worth the loss and pain you will cause to the both of you. Infidelity is the number one reason couples lose sexual attraction toward the cheater and rarely gain it back.



Women give birth which causes poor body image and decrease in their sexual pleasure by 39%, according to British Medical Journal. Men need to understand that these responses are natural and permanent changes in her body might be possible. Once you have a child, it is exhausting ad stressful! The crying, the demands, and the pressures of being a parent can drain all the sexual energy out of new mothers, and fathers! Give it some time. Most women begin to feel sexual again after the first year when they reach hormonal balance. But it's all worth it!



80% of couples surveyed blame their lack of sex drive due to their careers and demanding schedules. The load of little daily work tasks can feel overwhelming in addition to household chores and nagging in-laws. A lot of little ants will bring down the elephant. Remember the horny times. Delegate, move a few things out of your list. Sex should be on top of your to-do list every day. You will never be rich enough or successful enough but you can be happy enough if you learn how to strike a balance between work and sex.



Men think of sex at least one a day, every day: 45% men versus 8% women to be exact. Chemistry and sexual compatibility is essential for satisfaction. Its easy to fix with trying the right positions, time and place without making the other person feel the blame for lack of the spark. Men are form Mars, and Women are from Venus, so do not expect things to be totally compatible, yet these differences can be just what you need to reignite your intimacy.



Forty-three percent of married couples claim that marriage security allowed to let go the image looks fo the loved one. Weight, a bottle of wine every day, a bag of chips infront of TV, a pack of beer will do the trick. Some women never get back in shape after pregnancy which is a big mistake on their part. Commit to living a healthy lifestyle together and support one another along the way until your desired level of sex life is reached, and then some.

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