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by on Dec 04, 2014

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Mary Jo Rapini

Mary Jo Rapini

Mary Jo Rapini is a licensed certified intimacy/sex relationship psychotherapist in private practice. She has appeared on the Today Show, OWN, CBS, Montel, Fox National News, Discovery Health, Steve Harvey Show helping viewers manage stress, weight loss, answer the tough questions, and other life issues. Mary Jo’s training affords her the opportunity to advise parents regarding body image, bullying, or how to raise a confident child. Follow her on Youtube and Twitter @maryjorapini

1. What do you know for sure?

I know that life is what you make of what you get. Most of us get hardship and pain, but the people who do the best are the ones who accept responsibility instead of looking for someone to blame. The minute you blame you become a victim and that weakens rather than strengthens you.

2. Why do you think couples are waiting much longer before taking the plunge?

What we see more now is the more educated you are the more likely you are to marry, and you marry after your first job is secure. This is going to contribute to more stable marriages ( I believe) and more mature parenting. I also am seeing men taking a more active role in raising children which can only benefit children.

3. Who usually initiates the call for relationship help and why?

The person who calls is usually the one who believes that their relationship is worth saving and improving. That may be the woman or the man, depending on the issue. In my practice since I work mostly with sex and intimacy the guys seem to call more. Men understand the importance of sex and intimacy and society has encouraged them to speak out. Women are much less comfortable talking about sex and therefore more reluctant to get help for sex problems. Also women blame themselves in most situations when sex is not going well. We have a lot more education necessary in this area.

4. What do you recommend to couples to improve communication, sex, connection, etc?

Communication, sex and money are the 3 main reasons for divorce. Therefore you should communicate and focus on those three as your top priority in any marriage.

5. How does one recover from infidelity?

I have an 8 step plan on my youtube channel.

6. If you have written any books, tell us more about them.

Is God Pink, Dying to heal. This book is about my work with cancer patients in a cancer center in West Texas and my own journey with a Near Death Experience at a time I had little to no belief in anything.

Start Talking: A Girl's Guide for You and Your Mom about Health, Sex, or Whatever. A book mom's and daughters should read together and talk about to help build communication and trust as your child enters tween years and then teenager years. This book facilitates the "tough talks" parents dread and helps turn them into an opportunity for growth and closeness.